Working closely with our M&A practice group our competition lawyers advise and represent clients in a variety of cross border transactions. 

Competition issues are of increasing importance in today's global markets, and accordingly in Turkey especially since the establishment of the Competition Board in 1997. As many other countries, Turkey also has competition laws including pre-merger filing requirements. As the government introduces new and strict competition legislation and enforcement becomes more rigorous, key business decision makers need to understand the impact of such laws and take them into account in strategic planning.

The firm provides professional advice to its clients by taking into account the features of the regulatory and business environment. Being up to date on all significant developments, the firm assists clients in every aspect of competition law, including but not limited to reviewing of licensing, cooperation, non-compete, distribution and supply agreements, competition compliance programs. Our firm provides preparing notification forms for national and global mergers and acquisitions. Also, the firm provides legal advise to its clients on competition law aspects of privatizations. 

Bayraktar Işık provides representation of clients before the Council of State against decisions of the Competition Board mainly granted upon an investigation or an M&A transaction, including privatizations.