Understanding the complex issues that are involved in every project, we assist our clients in evaluating business, financing and tax strategies, drawing from the firm’s varied legal skills.

Our firm provides legal assistance in handling every aspect of real estate law, both routine and complex transactions, including but not limited to sale and purchase of immovable property, financing, establishment and release of all rights in rem on immovable property like mortgage, usus fructus etc, attending negotiations for such and preparation of all immovable property related contracts.

We also represent our Clients in litigation if any dispute arises out of real estate relations. Our firm advises and acts on analyzing and solving title to ownership problems as well as in real-estate related litigation and foreclosure procedures. The firm also provides legal assistance in real estate due diligence process and in dealing with title deeds, cadastre offices and municipalities. Our law firm is also involved in legal evaluation of the construction plan amendments, pursuing the relevant processes before the authorities and following the litigation for the annulment of such if any contradiction against law arises.