Bayraktar-Işık represents and provides full legal support to international and Turkish companies in their various massive energy projects in Turkey. The firm provides assistance on pipeline and other means of transportation of oil and gas projects, oil refinery projects, hydroelectricity power projects and investments, electricity distribution privatizations and lignite fired thermal power plants.

Nuclear power investments will become a necessity in Turkey and our firm closely monitors and provides legal assistance to energy companies in the potential nuclear power projects in Turkey.

Our firm provides drafting intergovernmental agreements and host government agreements. Legal assistance is also provided in the construction and post construction stages of the transportation projects. The firm also assists foreign energy companies in the acquisition of BOT projects, guarantees provided by the Treasury, sale of real estate to foreigners, transfer of real estate belonging to the Treasury, expropriation of the land according to the approved projects, privatization methods (sales lease, TOR-transfer of operational rights, BOT- built operate transfer, BO- build operate, profit sharing models), tender methods (select offer method, negotiation method, open bidding,) renewable energy regulations, environmental regulations for power plants, energy sale-purchase agreements and principles of tariff. 

The firm also provides legal advice on mining for all regulatory matters licenses and permits to search and operate mine fields, transfer of licenses, state rights and mergers and acquisitions in mining industry.