Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law covers an area of study which ensures that the right holders should obtain their rights through a court decree or without the need for a court decision. In general, a specialised work of an experienced team expert in the relevant practice is necessary in order to attain success in this area which is resorted to for the rapid and secure execution of the decisions taken as a result of the legal disputes.

Bayraktar Isik is a dynamic law firm that is capable of offering the due service to its clients with its experience in the field and its expertise in the problems encountered in practice. Additional support is also obtained from the academic area who would advise our office on the resolution of the problems relating to the enforcement and bankruptcy law in a faster and securer manner.

Our law firm ensures the rapid execution of the court decisions and also by providing a professional consultancy, offers the best solutions to companies which are under the threat of bankruptcy. Our law firm is also experienced in the payment of receivables and debt collection. Bayraktar Isik offers legal services to reputable companies with its comprehensive experience in dispute resolution.