Public tenders and government contracts require extensive multi-disciplinary legal experience primarily in State Tender Laws, Public Tender Laws, competition law, corporate law, project finance and other sector specific regulations, including the implementations of the Privatization Administration, Public Tender Authority and other relevant state institutions.

Our firm provides advice on the legal nature of the proposed transactions and assists in determining and devising transaction structure. The firm prepares the transactional documentation and advises on the legal nature of state institutions, their legal capacity, sovereign immunity, mandatory rules, public policy, constitutional, governmental, legislative, administrative, legal or other required licenses and permits, administrative and technical specifications, treasury guarantees, bid bonds, execution, delivery, legality, validity, performance, formalization, perfection, binding effect, enforceability or enforcement of the contract, matter of precedence between the contract and sector specific regulations, acceptance procedures, refusal of performance, delay penalties, indemnification of damages under Turkish law product liability, warranty, competition law issues, intellectual property, information technology, employment, licenses, insurance, environmental issues, incentives, litigation, arbitration, tax issues and other sector specific issues.